Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hot Showers, Steamy Men and Sexy Vampires

Unfortunately, DJ Manly couldn't be with us today. Hopefully, she'll be able to join us at a later date. However, since DJ loves vampires, I thought it only fitting to share one of my own Vamps!

What is it about Vampires and shapeshifters that we love?
Please share your reasons why you love the fanged ones - especially if they're gay!

One of my first experiences writing an m/m love scene took place in No One Else On Earth from Loose Id.

In No One Else On Earth, Julie Turner returns to the quiet town of Greenrock, PA to open a male stripping club with her three best friends and as part of the opening, they're running a contest to find the best strippers.

The club is also being used as the base of operations by two very different males. Mike Winstead, is a Tracer. a hunter from another world chasing after an alien sexual predator who's come to Greenrock. And Tzahyad, the predator, a shape shifting, vampire-like alien who drains his victims of their sexual energy.

But Tzahyad isn't your ordinary shapeshifter. He changes his outward gender at will and when he's hungry, he'll fuck anyone who looks tasty!

Here's what happened when Tzahyad decided to indulge his appetite!

Tzahyad watched the women leave. The blonde one seemed exceptionally vulnerable; just the type of prey he liked. The cover he had gave him the opportunity to use a bit more finesse than usual. He could siphon off the sexual energy of his prey if he so chose. The woman looked as though she had plenty available. Her drive was tamped down for some reason.

He smiled.
He would look forward to releasing her.
He checked the other men. Now that each was at his own space, he could assess them a bit better. One of them grabbed a robe and sauntered toward the bedroom leading to the bathroom. As he passed, Tzahyad inhaled deeply.
He gave him a few minutes to enter the other room then casually rose, rubbing his chin.
“Man, seems like I need a shave.”
He took up a small leather bag and walked to where his victim would be cornered.
The bathroom door was locked, but that was easily altered. He entered quietly. Through the fogged in glass shower stall, he could see the lean body of his prey moving as water sprayed down.
He locked the door behind him and set up a silence shield with the equipment in his case. He’d have to be quick, but all he needed right now was a taste. Just a little something to whet his appetite for the feasting he planned for later that night.
He slid open the stall, startling the man within.
“What? What the hell are you doing here? How’d you get in? I know I locked the door.”
Tzahyad sent out a calming surge of power to the surprised male.
“The door was open.” He reached in and touched the man’s quiescent cock. “I thought you left it open especially for me.” He squeezed and the man shuddered. “Didn’t you? Was I wrong?” He cupped his balls. “I saw you. I saw you look at me. You want me. Was I wrong?” He stroked the soft flesh in his hands.
The soap fell from the male’s hand, and he shook his head. His voice quavered as he responded. “You’re right. I saw you. I wanted you. But you. I thought you. I didn’t think ...” His voice trailed away.
“I was your type?”
Tzahyad released the man’s now quivering erect cock. He stripped off his clothes and left them in a heap on the bathroom floor. They wouldn’t show a crease later when he put them on. His medallion gleamed in the cold bathroom light.
He stepped into the shower, stooped to pick up the soap, and lathered his hands. Rising, he slid his soapy fingers up the sinewy muscles of his prey. When he reached the guy’s balls, Tzahyad squeezed them again. Just a little harder.
The male gasped and turned, pressing against the shower wall.
Tzahyad smiled. “You liked that, did you?” He reached outside the shower to his discarded pants and pulled out a condom. “See? I always think of my partner.” He thrust his thick erection against the man’s ass. “I’d never want to hurt you.”
His hands reached around in front and grabbed his victim’s cock. His fingers, slick with soap, traveled up and down his penis. He whispered into the man’s ear. “Are you ready for me? Do you want to put the condom on me? Do you want to use your mouth to do it? Should I let you?”
Totally overcome with lust, the man gave a sharp nod.
Tzahyad gripped his prey’s cock, clenching his fist around it.
The male cried out.
“Yes. You’re ready now. Here’s your reward.”
Tzahyad turned the compliant male around and gently pushed him to his knees.
“Here. Put that mouth of yours to good use. Hurry.”
The male ripped open the packet, placed it on the tip of Tzahyad’s flesh and slowly wrapped his lips around him. As the condom covered his penis, Tzahyad unleashed his sexual energy. It met that of his prey and drew it from him.
“Get up. Turn around. Bend over. Do it now.”
Gripped by Tzahyad’s power, he did as he was told. Tzahyad eyed the firm, muscular ass of his prey. Prime. Though he would fuck anyone if necessary, it made the experience all the more enjoyable if his conquest was pleasing to look upon.
Slowly, he sank his cock into the man’s eager flesh. And moved. His thrusts were firm and short, preparing him for the final hard plunge.
Tzahyad steeled himself not to give into his urges and drained off just a portion of the man’s energy. With one great shout, the man released his essence. He sagged, sliding to the floor, water beating down on his limp body.
Tzahyad turned off the shower and blocked the man’s memory. Stepping out onto the cool bathroom tile, he retrieved his clothes. His hair and body dried off in seconds, and he left the room after getting dressed.
His prey came to, still dazed.
“What the hell happened to me?”

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Jeanne said...

Since it's a big theme day over at another loop, I doubt anyone will drop by.
So why do I love vamps and shapeshifters?
Because they're dangerous yet give us the idea that if we only would take the time, we could tame them - or atleast, get them housebroken! ;~D