Thursday, May 14, 2009

MLR Press opens online Bookstore

MLR Press has opened the first phase of their online bookstore starting with ebooks sales. Once they have an inventory and a shipping plan in place, print books will be added to the store.
They're just up and running so if you have any problems, please let them know. As Jay Hartman of Untreed Reads says: "For those who like to see publishers and authors get the full sale of titles instead of a middleman (Untreed Reads raises its hand), this is really terrific news".
The direct link to purchase Bend in the Road is here
The link to the store is:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Guest Blogger - Jason Edding

Today's guest is MLR Press author, Jason Edding

First, congratulations on the release of Dark Robe Edges: Dark Robe Society 2 inThe Edge of Desperation your second dual anthology, this time with the prolific James Buchanan.

Hello and thank you Jeanne! I think, but I'm not sure yet, the second book caused more dancing on the ceiling for me, than the first. And being teamed up with James Buchanan, just wow. I was stunned with excitement from the moment I heard.
Did you and James collaborate on your stories? If not, was there a common theme? -

No, James and I didn't. The common theme was being on the edge... In my story, for instance, each chapter has my heroes on the edge of something.

Did you find writing this second story easier or more difficult than the first?

Oh boy, easier. I swear I had it written in my head for the most part within a month of book one's release. I just had to 'write' it down then and smooth it out.

The cover is totally wild. Did you have any input in it?

MLR Press is authorcentric! I love them. Yes, I had some input. I really wanted some blue in the cover and I wanted a spaceship of some sort. When I saw the one on the cover I just fell in love with it immediately. That ship is entirely what I had imagined. I couldn't have asked for a more awesome cover.
Do you envision any more stories in this world?

Yes, should I just be blunt and say eight more? Maybe twenty? No, kidding, possibly. It's a huge world in my head, so I can just dream and wait and see what the future holds for the Dark Robe Society.

What's next for you?

I'm currently working on two contemporary stories, which I'm very excited about. These two are on the front burner for me, so more DRS stories are shifted and at rest for a while. One, and probably the most exciting for me, I'm working on, is an anthology with William Maltese and Ethan Day. The book will be titled Melting the Slopes, but I've still not thought of a title for my story yet. Soon... The theme for each of the three stories is hot alcoholic drinks and skiing. It's so much fun already. I'm very excited!

What one thing would you like to share with your fans?

I hope they enjoy my stories. I really want the readers to imagine the world and get pulled into it. But that's just off the top of my head.

Thanks for visiting here again, Jason. You've really become an old hand at blogging now! :~D

The Edge of Desperation
Over what can love and lust win? Can they win over betrayal? Espionage? Instability? Overthrowing a monarchy? James Buchanan and Jason Edding bring us two stories spanning the universe. Jason continues the Dark Robe Society's story; Jack and Edge return and bring each other and us to the edge again while Toren and Tees share more than a common goal. James introduces us to Alad and Hirah, both out searching for something when they meet, are they the end of searching for each other? All the heroes are on an edge, but is it The Edge of Desperation?
Toren didn’t hesitate, but agilely straddled Tees’ legs and positioned his ass over the obvious mound. He leaned forward, moving his ass over the hardness beneath, until the length of the hidden cock was ensconced between his cheeks. Then he kissed the waiting lips, sliding his tongue in as far as it would reach. Only then did he become aware of it. That swimming sensation in his head. A friend had told him about his own experience years ago. When he had first fallen in love. Toren had his eyes closed, but it was as if flashes of lightning were popping like miniature explosions within his closed lids. He pressed his lips firmly against his lover’s, and couldn’t help but moan.
Tees opened his mouth just long enough to accept the warmth, then closed his lips around it with a soft, passionate moan. He reached down, unzipped his trousers, and released his cock as Toren’s tongue explored him. He reached down and playfully pulled down on Toren’s sagging ball sac, and then the heat of his young ass cheeks embraced his cock fully.

Dark Robe Edges: Dark Robe Society 2 in THE EDGE OF DESPERATION

By Jason Edding and James Buchanan.

Dark Robe Heart: Dark Robe Society 1 in SPACE ESCAPES

By Jason Edding and Angela Fiddler

Available now from MLR Press.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Review to Treasure for Bend in the Road

Reader reviews are like precious gems to be treasured. When the reader is also a fellow author, the review is doubly treasured. Author, Z. A. Maxfield's response to Bend in the Road was sent to me through several e-mails and she's graciously given her permission to share it. Thank you, LL, for your very kind words.

I'm reading Bend in the Road and I'm only on page 35 and I LOVE these guys! I'm right where Aryeh and Dani meet and they're uncomfortable...historicals scare me like crazy but you handle it beautifully. So lyrical and lovely.

(after finishing the first story she sent this note) Oh, my what a beautiful story Aryeh and Dani have. I just loved how sweet they were. The conflict was real and scary and it was the sweetness between them that just made everything seem so right. So few m/m writers will write a character that wants to be feminine or dress in women's clothes and yet it's so perfect, how he longs for the soft things, the feminine pretty things so he can feel beautiful with his lover. Dani really touched me and made me feel all maternal. I enjoyed it very much and now I get to embark on Yuval's story.

(after finishing the book she wrote) I wanted you to know that I finished Bend in the Road. I think Yuval's story is my favorite, because I like the musical aspect of it so much! But maybe Dani was my favorite character. Wow, what a lovely set of stories; I just didn't want it to end. I LOVED these people and would very much like to follow them to America, maybe a sequel is in the offing??? *has hopeful puppy eyes*
I think people who like to read a well researched historical will love this book. Intelligent, thoughtful people will come away from the book feeling uplifted and delighted... and maybe a little educated. It's always been my desire (and I can tell it's yours as well) to put out quality work and let the chips fall where they may.
The more books like yours, the more intelligent and well plotted and the more characters are defined and real in romantic m/m, the more legitimate and delightful the books will be. I maintain romance genre books can be great books and still be erotic and romantic as hell, and romance genre readers who say they will only read het will flock like seagulls over the picnic tables at MacDonald's to read them whatever sexual identity the main character couple is. Brava, Jeanne!
Thanks so much for a great read.
Z.A. Maxfield

And thank you again for falling in love with my guys!