Sunday, September 28, 2008

A New Year's Greeting

Monday evening will begin the Holiday of Rosh HaShanah, the beginning of the Jewish New Year. Rosh HaShanah ushers in a ten day period of contemplation, reaffirmation and renewal ending with Yom Kippur.
The following brief opinion from Orthodox Rabbi, Meir Fund, expresses I feel, an appropriate message and reminder for this Holiday season.

"We never heard that a Jew is barred from a shul because he is a sinner. If that was the policy of the halacha, then I hate to tell you I doubt there would be a minyan in any shul. I have to believe that if someone is gay, that that's an assignment from HaShem and that HaShem is somehow also sharing with that person not just the strength to carry out the assignment as best as they can but ultimately it's part of the life purpose of that person to have struggled and worked with that particular issue, among others, to do the best they can. These are the secrets of the soul."
L' Shanah Tovah to all my readers and friends.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Guest Bloggers for October

Wow! We have quite an amazing group this month, starting with Treva Harte. Treva not only writes m/m (and other goodness), she's one of TPTB at Loose Id
Treva Harte 10/8 ~ Wears her author and publisher hats for us!
Astrid Amara 10/15 ~ Astrid's stories take place on other worlds and are filled with demons, sorcerers, Urban Fantasy and Hell Cops!

Jules Jones 10/22 ~ Besides contemporary m/m, Jules writes shapeshifters and sidhe!
Jason Edding 10/29 ~ A new author for ManLoveRomance Press, Jason writes gay sci/fi!
So, join us as we wave the Flag on these wonderful authors!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fan Mail

This is what authors treasure the most. When a reader feels strongly enough about what you've written to take the time to let you know.
Thanks so much, and you know who you are!

Dear Jeanne- I just finished “The Sweet Flag” and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It was much more unconventional than I’d been expecting and I had been thinking, while reading, who Ron might be but I never guessed that ending *at all*. I thought at one point he might be a ghost.*g* It was a nice twist, finding out who and what he was. I also really liked the way you laid the story out, starting with Brandon’s notes on the case. It fleshed out his personality for me and let me see his passion for his work. Also gave me enough details to keep wondering and guessing about Ron throughout. I thought that was really well done. I don’t usually go for stories that have one character telling a story to another character, but it worked awesomely in this case. There was this nice build-up of tension, both between Brandon and Ron, and in finding out what happened to Aaron and Matthew. Also enjoyed the way the feelings between Brandon and Ron intensified until Brandon could make no other choice at the end but the choice he made—without even needing to consider it. It was romantic and just a satisfying conclusion to the story. And all your descriptions were lovely--I could just see the beautiful furnishings. I wanted to live there. *g* I think yours is the first Loose ID title I’ve read. I wasn’t entirely prepared for the amount of sex, but I did like how it wasn’t just about the sex—that there were emotions involved and it felt complex and believable. That’s what I read these stories for. That sense of feelings that just can’t be denied. Just lovely. I can’t write sex in that detail. Always impressed when it is done well by someone else. The only thing I missed was I would have loved seeing some more paranormal investigation...but that’s just me. I like that sort of thing. :) I loved that line in the story where Brandon muses that he wasn’t sure all his investigation had ever really prepared him for finally finding something was true. It was a really entertaining story. I hope you’ll be writing more.
I definitely will be writing more! Thanks again.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here Be Dragons and TA Chase

Hey everyone…

Good Wednesday Morning to you all and thank you to Jeanne for inviting me here to her blog.

Jeanne expressed an interest in finding out more about my dragon story, Here Be Dragons. I’ll be more than happy to talk about Kael, Hugh, Mordred and George. Oh and about how I came to write the story.

I’m not sure why I was looking up the legend of St. Patrick chasing snakes from Ireland. It might have been because I was trying to find out why there were no snakes there. Probably some weird thought got stuck in my head and I just had to find the answer to it. I doubt it was because I wanted to write a story.

As I was reading along, one of a writer’s most favorite questions in the world popped into my head, “What if…”

What if snakes started appearing in Ireland again? And what if they weren’t snakes, but dragons, returning to the world centuries after St. George killed the last one? And what if there just happened to be a herpetologist working at a lab there who could check the snakes out? What if…?

You get the picture. The story took off from that one simple question. My muse introduced me to Kael Hammerson, a geeky herpetologist running from an abusive ex-lover. He was still healing emotionally and mentally from that relationship, but he was the perfect character for the story.

Researching all kinds of different cultural myths and legends, I discovered St. George and Mordred. In my story, they are so much more than their legends made them out to be. I admit, I might have taken liberties with the myths I used, but what’s the fun of being a writer…if I can’t tweak them to fit my imagination.

I found that writing the paranormal/mythological aspects of my story were rather easy. For the most part, I could make up what I wanted. A talking cat. Mordred as an elf. George as something more than just a knight. The most difficult part for me was making the actions of an abused character (Kael) seem realistic without making him whiny or weak.

Here Be Dragons turned out more complex than I originally planned it to be. There were hidden depths to all the characters and situations that I never saw coming until after I wrote them. I enjoyed visiting their world though which is why I’m finishing up the sequel to it right now.

Dreaming of Dragons will take place six months after the dragons have appeared and focuses more on Mordred and George, but we do get glimpses of Kael and Hugh, plus all the other characters we met in Here Be Dragons.
Paranormal stories are some of my favorite stories to read, but I haven’t written many of them…which strikes me as odd suddenly…lol. I do have a short story titled “Understanding Forgiveness” in which Mason, a snow leopard shifter, is rescued by Heinrich, the son of the mad scientist who created Mason. Mason and Heinrich have to learn how to deal with each other and all the baggage they carry. It’s a short sweet story.

On my blog, I’m posting a free story called “Allergies”. Lou’s a wolf shifter who falls in love with Ray, a normal human. They’re attracted to each other, but there’s a problem. It seems Ray is allergic to Lou’s human side. It’s been a fun romp so far. Things took a little twist last week, so I’ll be interested to see where the guys are taking me.

I have ideas for a couple other paranormal stories, just haven’t gotten the time to write them. What kind of paranormals do you as readers enjoy? Are there any types that you’d love to see more of published? Demons? Ghosts? More shifters…if so, what kind?

It’s been great hanging out with you here at The Sweet Flag. Stop by my blog: No Boundaries ( to check out my books, my free blog story and just to see the yummy eye candy I post every day. My website is being updated at the moment, so my blog is the best spot to find me right now.

Thanks, Jeanne for having me today.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Better late ~ a brief note from D.J. Manly

Hi Jeanne!
D.J. has arrived. Sorry I'm late and absent and the whole bit. :)
That said, I appreciate the invitation.
I've been writing M/M romantica for awhile now... a few years at least. With a sociological background, I have been told that my books have lessons to teach and although, I don't write to "preach" readers have told me that my writing has changed their minds about a lot of things, namely about love between men. Men do and can fall in love, with each other, and first time readers of m/m fiction have told me that my work makes them believers. That's really nice. Come visit my website at
And drop me a line, if you read me and like me.
My readers are the best anywhere.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hot Showers, Steamy Men and Sexy Vampires

Unfortunately, DJ Manly couldn't be with us today. Hopefully, she'll be able to join us at a later date. However, since DJ loves vampires, I thought it only fitting to share one of my own Vamps!

What is it about Vampires and shapeshifters that we love?
Please share your reasons why you love the fanged ones - especially if they're gay!

One of my first experiences writing an m/m love scene took place in No One Else On Earth from Loose Id.

In No One Else On Earth, Julie Turner returns to the quiet town of Greenrock, PA to open a male stripping club with her three best friends and as part of the opening, they're running a contest to find the best strippers.

The club is also being used as the base of operations by two very different males. Mike Winstead, is a Tracer. a hunter from another world chasing after an alien sexual predator who's come to Greenrock. And Tzahyad, the predator, a shape shifting, vampire-like alien who drains his victims of their sexual energy.

But Tzahyad isn't your ordinary shapeshifter. He changes his outward gender at will and when he's hungry, he'll fuck anyone who looks tasty!

Here's what happened when Tzahyad decided to indulge his appetite!

Tzahyad watched the women leave. The blonde one seemed exceptionally vulnerable; just the type of prey he liked. The cover he had gave him the opportunity to use a bit more finesse than usual. He could siphon off the sexual energy of his prey if he so chose. The woman looked as though she had plenty available. Her drive was tamped down for some reason.

He smiled.
He would look forward to releasing her.
He checked the other men. Now that each was at his own space, he could assess them a bit better. One of them grabbed a robe and sauntered toward the bedroom leading to the bathroom. As he passed, Tzahyad inhaled deeply.
He gave him a few minutes to enter the other room then casually rose, rubbing his chin.
“Man, seems like I need a shave.”
He took up a small leather bag and walked to where his victim would be cornered.
The bathroom door was locked, but that was easily altered. He entered quietly. Through the fogged in glass shower stall, he could see the lean body of his prey moving as water sprayed down.
He locked the door behind him and set up a silence shield with the equipment in his case. He’d have to be quick, but all he needed right now was a taste. Just a little something to whet his appetite for the feasting he planned for later that night.
He slid open the stall, startling the man within.
“What? What the hell are you doing here? How’d you get in? I know I locked the door.”
Tzahyad sent out a calming surge of power to the surprised male.
“The door was open.” He reached in and touched the man’s quiescent cock. “I thought you left it open especially for me.” He squeezed and the man shuddered. “Didn’t you? Was I wrong?” He cupped his balls. “I saw you. I saw you look at me. You want me. Was I wrong?” He stroked the soft flesh in his hands.
The soap fell from the male’s hand, and he shook his head. His voice quavered as he responded. “You’re right. I saw you. I wanted you. But you. I thought you. I didn’t think ...” His voice trailed away.
“I was your type?”
Tzahyad released the man’s now quivering erect cock. He stripped off his clothes and left them in a heap on the bathroom floor. They wouldn’t show a crease later when he put them on. His medallion gleamed in the cold bathroom light.
He stepped into the shower, stooped to pick up the soap, and lathered his hands. Rising, he slid his soapy fingers up the sinewy muscles of his prey. When he reached the guy’s balls, Tzahyad squeezed them again. Just a little harder.
The male gasped and turned, pressing against the shower wall.
Tzahyad smiled. “You liked that, did you?” He reached outside the shower to his discarded pants and pulled out a condom. “See? I always think of my partner.” He thrust his thick erection against the man’s ass. “I’d never want to hurt you.”
His hands reached around in front and grabbed his victim’s cock. His fingers, slick with soap, traveled up and down his penis. He whispered into the man’s ear. “Are you ready for me? Do you want to put the condom on me? Do you want to use your mouth to do it? Should I let you?”
Totally overcome with lust, the man gave a sharp nod.
Tzahyad gripped his prey’s cock, clenching his fist around it.
The male cried out.
“Yes. You’re ready now. Here’s your reward.”
Tzahyad turned the compliant male around and gently pushed him to his knees.
“Here. Put that mouth of yours to good use. Hurry.”
The male ripped open the packet, placed it on the tip of Tzahyad’s flesh and slowly wrapped his lips around him. As the condom covered his penis, Tzahyad unleashed his sexual energy. It met that of his prey and drew it from him.
“Get up. Turn around. Bend over. Do it now.”
Gripped by Tzahyad’s power, he did as he was told. Tzahyad eyed the firm, muscular ass of his prey. Prime. Though he would fuck anyone if necessary, it made the experience all the more enjoyable if his conquest was pleasing to look upon.
Slowly, he sank his cock into the man’s eager flesh. And moved. His thrusts were firm and short, preparing him for the final hard plunge.
Tzahyad steeled himself not to give into his urges and drained off just a portion of the man’s energy. With one great shout, the man released his essence. He sagged, sliding to the floor, water beating down on his limp body.
Tzahyad turned off the shower and blocked the man’s memory. Stepping out onto the cool bathroom tile, he retrieved his clothes. His hair and body dried off in seconds, and he left the room after getting dressed.
His prey came to, still dazed.
“What the hell happened to me?”

Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm really excited. I'm working with a new web designer for a brand new look for my website. There have been so many changes in my writing career this past year and upcoming changes in 2009.
As soon as the site is live, I'll post the new link!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Guest Blogger - Lynn Lorenz

Common Powers ~ Lynn Lorenz

First let me say, I truly love paranormal stories. I’ve been reading them since dirt was young. As a young girl, I’d been immersed in them. Not just the usual stories of childhood, but I remember watching classic horror movies and gobbling up every book I could find at the Nix Library on Carrolton Ave, in New Orleans. And although those stories were wonderful, the ones that fascinated me most were the ones about my own family. One of my novellas, coming out in October from Liquid Silver Books, is Second Moon, about a werewolf and a witch, and it’s dedicated to my mother and my grandmother, both dead, and their paranormal influence on my life.

Those two women, both gifted in non-normal ways, were open about their gifts, even while denying they were anything special. My mother did astrology charts and made predictions of the future for members of our family and her friends. I can rattle off the many ones that came true, from the sudden death of an uncle to my own marriage, but let’s just say I’ve never not believed.

As for my grandmother, her dreams told of future events. My mother and aunts would gather at every holiday and invariably told stories about Grandma’s dreams and how they’d come true. I listened to them as a child, but hadn’t really experienced them until, while on a summer vacation in Waveland, Mississippi, at a small remote fishing camp in the marshes, she woke up one morning, declared she’d had a dream and made us pack up and leave with two paid weeks left of vacation. My father was furious, but did it, swearing and fussing as he dragged our boat out of the water and back onto the trailer. We drove home to New Orleans in so a thick silence that even I knew to keep my mouth shut. Two days later, Hurricane Camille hit and the camp was wiped from the face of the earth. My dad went back to find his friends, having grown up in Biloxi, who’d stayed, but nothing was left. There were no survivors.

I can even tell you of my own experiences, with my mother and grandmother’s spirits, or of the many haunted houses I’ve been in while living in New Orleans. So, even though I believe in certain paranormal events, writing about werewolves or vampires, which I do, is different than believing in them. And I find it easier to believe in spirits, premonitions, and hauntings, than UFO’s or alien monsters.

All of that exposure led to my new series, Common Powers. I wanted to write about people, like my mom and grandma, who had a gift. Small powers, perhaps not completely developed or accepted, and how they affected the lives of the men who bore them. In Soul Bonds, Sammi has the ability to hear other’s thoughts and feel their emotions, and for lagniappe, he can direct those feelings back to his lovers, making for some truly erotic sex. He’s searching for the one guy who can hear his thoughts and he finds a soul mate in Mitchell. In Rush In The Dark, my new release, Brian has had premonitions all his life and never quite knew what to do with them, until he becomes a PI. Rush can see in the dark, and has kept it hidden, just like being gay, from everyone in his life. Their gifts can either bring them together or tear them apart. I’m already planning my next book in the series, that will be about a man with the power to heal with a touch and a police chief that needs to be touched.

As much as I love to talk about me, what I want to hear about is your experiences with the other world. Are you a believer?

Lynn's Links:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Waiting for Roxy Harte - M/M, Toys & New Worlds

Sounds like a great title for a book, eh? But since Real Life intervened, Roxy won't be joining us until later today.
Since Roxy loves "toys", I thought it might be fun while we're waiting to do some
"themed" Flashing. The Flashes should include the following:
Your favorite toy

The scene can be m/m or m/m/f
And the genres must be paranormal/fantasy/scifi or anything other worldly

Shapeshifters and vamps are more than welcome!
I'll start:

Good Kitty
How had I gotten myself in this mess? Naked, my human dick ringed, my claws still sheathed?
I strained at the padded collar around my throat. The Maine Coon shifter had done a good job keeping me from changing. He prowled around me, just out of reach of my chains, his full, taut rear and well-hung body typical of MC shifters. He hadn't gone full shift so the deep golden striped fur merely covered his human form and his erect tail indicated his intent: Fucking.
But first, like all good MC shifters, he wanted to play with his prey.
He held out the cat o' nine tails and laughed as I jumped for it while he slashed my back.

I yowled, then fell to my knees.
"Good Kitty."
Your turn!