Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here Be Dragons and TA Chase

Hey everyone…

Good Wednesday Morning to you all and thank you to Jeanne for inviting me here to her blog.

Jeanne expressed an interest in finding out more about my dragon story, Here Be Dragons. I’ll be more than happy to talk about Kael, Hugh, Mordred and George. Oh and about how I came to write the story.

I’m not sure why I was looking up the legend of St. Patrick chasing snakes from Ireland. It might have been because I was trying to find out why there were no snakes there. Probably some weird thought got stuck in my head and I just had to find the answer to it. I doubt it was because I wanted to write a story.

As I was reading along, one of a writer’s most favorite questions in the world popped into my head, “What if…”

What if snakes started appearing in Ireland again? And what if they weren’t snakes, but dragons, returning to the world centuries after St. George killed the last one? And what if there just happened to be a herpetologist working at a lab there who could check the snakes out? What if…?

You get the picture. The story took off from that one simple question. My muse introduced me to Kael Hammerson, a geeky herpetologist running from an abusive ex-lover. He was still healing emotionally and mentally from that relationship, but he was the perfect character for the story.

Researching all kinds of different cultural myths and legends, I discovered St. George and Mordred. In my story, they are so much more than their legends made them out to be. I admit, I might have taken liberties with the myths I used, but what’s the fun of being a writer…if I can’t tweak them to fit my imagination.

I found that writing the paranormal/mythological aspects of my story were rather easy. For the most part, I could make up what I wanted. A talking cat. Mordred as an elf. George as something more than just a knight. The most difficult part for me was making the actions of an abused character (Kael) seem realistic without making him whiny or weak.

Here Be Dragons turned out more complex than I originally planned it to be. There were hidden depths to all the characters and situations that I never saw coming until after I wrote them. I enjoyed visiting their world though which is why I’m finishing up the sequel to it right now.

Dreaming of Dragons will take place six months after the dragons have appeared and focuses more on Mordred and George, but we do get glimpses of Kael and Hugh, plus all the other characters we met in Here Be Dragons.
Paranormal stories are some of my favorite stories to read, but I haven’t written many of them…which strikes me as odd suddenly…lol. I do have a short story titled “Understanding Forgiveness” in which Mason, a snow leopard shifter, is rescued by Heinrich, the son of the mad scientist who created Mason. Mason and Heinrich have to learn how to deal with each other and all the baggage they carry. It’s a short sweet story.

On my blog, I’m posting a free story called “Allergies”. Lou’s a wolf shifter who falls in love with Ray, a normal human. They’re attracted to each other, but there’s a problem. It seems Ray is allergic to Lou’s human side. It’s been a fun romp so far. Things took a little twist last week, so I’ll be interested to see where the guys are taking me.

I have ideas for a couple other paranormal stories, just haven’t gotten the time to write them. What kind of paranormals do you as readers enjoy? Are there any types that you’d love to see more of published? Demons? Ghosts? More shifters…if so, what kind?

It’s been great hanging out with you here at The Sweet Flag. Stop by my blog: No Boundaries ( to check out my books, my free blog story and just to see the yummy eye candy I post every day. My website is being updated at the moment, so my blog is the best spot to find me right now.

Thanks, Jeanne for having me today.


Jambrea said...

Good morning TA! I can't wait for the next dragon story.

As for what type of shifter I would like to see...that is hard. I would like to see more mermen. I think you could do a very cool mermen story. Sort of a Litte Mermaid, but for you...Little Mermen.

As you know, I love Allergies and any story you have ever written. :D

WooHoo TA!

Kayelle Allen said...

TA! Glad to see you here today. I loved No Going Home and am looking forward to more stories in that setting. I know thre's A Home of His Own. Do you have more? I'd never read a cowboy story until yours, and one of Kiernan Kelly's. Now I'm hooked.

Also, how did you learn so much about horses and competing? I lived out west as a kid and everything seemed perfectly familiar.

Joy said...

Hi TA!

Love the blog today and No Boundaries everyday *g*

Where's Understanding Forgiveness? Is it out? Is it on your blog? Are you cruelly teasing me about a story that I won't get to read? *g*

Have a fantastic Wednesday!


Jambrea said...

I know the answer. :D

Yvonne said...

TA-I found you!!
Good Morning. The next story sounds even better than the first. Can't wait to read it!

Jeanne said...

Hi, TA and gang!
Anyone who can combine dragons and Ireland AND m/m action has my vote. I do like the idea of mermen, also!

mamasand2 said...

Great blog TA. Now I'm going to have to track down your Dragons story. It sounds great.


T.A.Chase said...

Morning, Jambrea. :)

Hmm...Mermen? That could be an interesting story. I might have to think on that. You're always so helpful.

T.A.Chase said...


Thanks for stopping by. There will be more Home stories. After I finish Dreaming of Dragons, I'll be working on the third Home story. I have two more planned after that. Plus over the weekend, I came up with at least one spin-off idea from the series.

Also, if you want more cowboy stories, I have one coming out in Dec. from Samhain that has cowboys in it. :)

As for learning about horses and competing...I watch alot of events and read alot about it. Horses are one of my favorite animals and I love to watch anything about them. Bull riding and rodeos are two other things I watch a lot of.

T.A.Chase said...

Sorry, Joy.

Understanding Forgiveness is in the Shifting Perspectives anthology I have out at Aspen Mountain Press.

I know someone *looks at Jambrea* has already informed you of

T.A.Chase said...

Morning, Yvonne.

Thanks for hopping over here and commenting.

I hope the second Dragons book is as good as the first. It's been kicking my butt, I have to admit. But I think I've finally got it

T.A.Chase said...

Thanks for inviting me to post, Jeanne.

I have to admit, dragons, Ireland and m/m action was a little complex at times to write. But the first story went smoothly for the most part. The characters really talked to me. The second book, they all seem a little more secretive at

I know. Jambrea might have something there with the mermen. Have to see what kind of ideas I get.

Jeanne said...

Public apology to TA for giving him a sex change operation on my promo!

Melissa Bradley said...

I absolutely loved Here Be Dragons and I am dying to read Dreaming of Dragons. I love the way you handled the mythology, it was completely believable. As are all your stories, you have a way of really drawing the reader in with solid world parameters. Everything always makes sense. This is why you are one of my favorite authors, I can see your stories in my head like a movie as I read them. And what you have done for werewolves with allergies is outstanding.

Take care and have a wonderful day.

Jambrea said...

I agree 100% with Melissa. :D

Roberta said...

Hello TA,

I loved Here Be Dragons and am so looking forward to the sequel. I am also a big fan of your "Home" series and Angel's Evolution.

As for what I'd like to see more of...demons. I like just about all shifter type stories...but I don't find enough about/with demons. Oh and dragons too...they're onw of my favorites.

After reading everyone's terrific comments, I now need to check out Allergies. :)

Have a great Wednesday!

T.A.Chase said...

Apology accepted, Jeanne. lol

T.A.Chase said...


That's one of the best compliments I've gotten. I'm thrilled that you can see them as movies in your head. It means..along with help from my editors...I'm learning to be a storyteller. :)

T.A.Chase said...


Demons, huh?

I have a story I started and work on a little in between other stories called To Hell with the Devil. It's about the new Master of Hell and Azrael, the Angel of Death. That's the closest I've gotten to demons, but the possibilities for those types of stories are endless.

Hmmm...let's see mermen and demons. I wonder if I could combine the

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi TA, your dragon premise is awesome!
I obviously enjoy any kind of shifter tale as long the story makes sense in the world it's written in.

Ken said...

In an enchanted world of wayward dragons and rippling abs...

Sorry. I couldn't resist. LOL

I may be biased, but I always think there could be more ghost stories written. Vampires seem to predominate, with shapeshifters running a close second. There are so many different directions ghosts could go in, judging by the true stories I've run across! LOL Demons could be interesting as well, though it'd be nice for them to not be stereotypical. Who says a demon must be evil? Why not just misunderstood?

As for "Allergies", I'll definitely have to read it. I like the name Lou (as in "loup garou")...

T.A.Chase said...


That's the truth, isn't it? Any type of shifter can work as long as it's believable in the world the story is set in. Though we've been having a discussion about Hamster shifters on a group I'm part of. Are those still believable if you write the right kind of story? lol

T.A.Chase said...

Evening, Ken.

You're right. There aren't a lot of ghost stories out there..or at least there doesn't seem to be. Those could be interesting if done right.

I would love a demon story with a misunderstood demon as a main character. And my tendency would be to write one like that. I love to put little twists or unexpected things in my stories.

Thanks for stopping by, Ken.

Jeanne said...

gang, if you're ever in need of some gay ghosts, hie ye to Ken's blog! You'll find it on my faves list under the name Spooked!
Thanks for posting, ken!