Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fan Mail

This is what authors treasure the most. When a reader feels strongly enough about what you've written to take the time to let you know.
Thanks so much, and you know who you are!

Dear Jeanne- I just finished “The Sweet Flag” and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It was much more unconventional than I’d been expecting and I had been thinking, while reading, who Ron might be but I never guessed that ending *at all*. I thought at one point he might be a ghost.*g* It was a nice twist, finding out who and what he was. I also really liked the way you laid the story out, starting with Brandon’s notes on the case. It fleshed out his personality for me and let me see his passion for his work. Also gave me enough details to keep wondering and guessing about Ron throughout. I thought that was really well done. I don’t usually go for stories that have one character telling a story to another character, but it worked awesomely in this case. There was this nice build-up of tension, both between Brandon and Ron, and in finding out what happened to Aaron and Matthew. Also enjoyed the way the feelings between Brandon and Ron intensified until Brandon could make no other choice at the end but the choice he made—without even needing to consider it. It was romantic and just a satisfying conclusion to the story. And all your descriptions were lovely--I could just see the beautiful furnishings. I wanted to live there. *g* I think yours is the first Loose ID title I’ve read. I wasn’t entirely prepared for the amount of sex, but I did like how it wasn’t just about the sex—that there were emotions involved and it felt complex and believable. That’s what I read these stories for. That sense of feelings that just can’t be denied. Just lovely. I can’t write sex in that detail. Always impressed when it is done well by someone else. The only thing I missed was I would have loved seeing some more paranormal investigation...but that’s just me. I like that sort of thing. :) I loved that line in the story where Brandon muses that he wasn’t sure all his investigation had ever really prepared him for finally finding something was true. It was a really entertaining story. I hope you’ll be writing more.
I definitely will be writing more! Thanks again.

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