Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OT, maybe Cat shapeshifters

We rescued three kittens on our June 27th anniversary. Two are brother and sister littermates, one is a red and white bobtail mix. Watching them and getting to know their individual personalities has offered us hours of entertainment.
And naturally, I've been thinking about writing a cat shapeshifting story.
I've found three brief references to Celtic cat myths and one of them may just be the one I'm looking for.
So many stories, so little time!


Lacey Savage said...


Congrats on your new household additions! I know how much fun little kittens can be. :-) We recently adopted a little guy from a shelter, and watching him get used to us and his new surroundings (he'd never even SEEN furniture before we brought him home) has been a real joy.

I think a cat shapeshifter story would be excellent in your hands!


Jeanne said...

Thanks, Lacey.
We are constantly finding places that need to be kitten proofed!!
I'm really torn about a shapeshifter story. I really have two other stories to try and get out this year.

Ken said...

A few more animals never hurt... lol

I've always been fascinated by shapeshifting myself. I've always wondered if it stemmed from the idea that most people want to be someone or something else at some point in their lives.

Either that or there's just something intriguing about the whole "reverting to the inner animal" idea. Is it wrong to think werewolves are sexy? LOL

Jeanne said...

Hi Ken

Jeanne's dh here... werewolves; sexy? Yep and DANGEROUSLY so; you bet!