Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Guest Blogging Schedule for July

Waving the Flag!
I am so excited to share the names of my guest bloggers for July!
On July 16th, the Flag will proudly wave for: Darragha Foster.
Darragha writes for Liquid Silver Books about witches, and Orca Kings and Vikings and Vampires and Viking Vampires ;~D Darr will be sharing the low down on the down low of the ancient Icelandic gods...and whatever else springs from her naughty mind.

July 23rd, Kayelle Allen will visit.
Kayelle also writes for Liquid Silver Books. She's created tales of the CHOSEN set in the Tarthian Empire. I'll be interviewing Kayelle, trying to dig out her secrets!

July 30th, Emily Veinglory joins us. Emily writes for several publishers including Loose Id, Samhain, Cobblestone and Aspen Mountain Press. She specialises in gay romance with a dark or paranormal twist.

Hope you'll come and visit!


Zathyn Priest said...

It's good to see a real community developing among GLBT fiction writers and their readers. In a growing industry I think it's important we stick together.

The whole networking and promo side to writing doesn't come naturally to me - ultra shy personality! But, it's certainly made easier when writers are so supportive of each other.

Best Wishes,

Jeanne said...

Thanks so much for dropping by, Zathyn.
One of the things I do enjoy about blogging is finding interesting new people!

Sarah said...

Me 3, what above said.