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Kayelle's Tales of the Chosen - Alitus

Alitus, Tales of the Chosen
Passion. Addiction. Loyalty. Can true love bare its heart forever?

Alitus Vivaldi is a Better, an enhanced human. He moves from the Conqueror's favorite pleasure slave to her personal assistant by learning the key to her heart is passion, love, and loyalty. When political upheaval forces the Conqueror to strip her favorite of his freedom and rights, Alitus forsakes his identity and pride, surrendering himself to his darkest fears. But will what he becomes save the Tarthian Empire and its Conqueror, or rock them both to their crumbling core?

In some ways, this is my favorite Chosen book. Luc is featured in books 1 and 3, and only has a small part in this one, but Alitus touches on so many secrets that it's almost impossible to understand the rest of the series without this one. Although it is rated as GLBT, there is one very minor lesbian scene, and a few scenes of the two immortal women (Rheyn Destoiya, the Empress - pictured, and Erryq, another immortal who is a shapechanger) sharing the beautiful blond Alitus. He's more than up for the task, but before this point, he has only been Rheyn's lover.
Protecting him when his parents were killed in a security operation gone bad, she came across the older teen being held down by several of her hulking Praetorian guards, about to be raped. She bid Alitus come to her and helped him gather his ripped clothing around him, covering him with her own cape. She then went out to speak to the near-rioting crowd and vowed that none of her troops who mistreated residents of the world would go unpunished. She forced all 5 Praetorian to their knees and summarily shot them in rapid succession. It quelled the riots immediately.
Alitus, she sent off to be educated properly in another of her strongholds, and when he turned 18 had him brought to her. She seduced him and he has been her favorite ever since. However, because he is a Better, a generation of genetically enhanced humans, his pheromones affect her. Those outside her protective circle of loyal Praetorian and cabinet call him Destoiya's Dog. His loyalty is abosolute. So is his love for her. There is no artifice in Alitus. He doesn't serve in order to gain. His nobility and loyalty endear him to her.
However, changes in the empire are bringing out the fear of Betters - whose pheromones can kill without a touch. The empress succumbs to the wishes of her Parliament and orders all Betters to be veiled in a burka-like garment to prevent their pheromones from escaping. Pride set aside, Alitus obeys, but not without making it public that he hopes to see a day when true freedom will be granted to all citizens once again.
The Empress considers whether to make him her Chosen, something she has avoided for four hundred years (since her previous one died protecting her). To qualify, the leader of the Sempervian immortals decrees he must pass a test, facing his most intimate fear. He must have sex with a male.
The empress trusts Luc, her dearest friend and fellow immortal, and Luc's Chosen, Wulf, is presented with the task. Will Alitus balk, submit, or embrace the sexual act in a way none of the Sempervians ever foresaw?
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