Monday, August 10, 2009

Fall Guest Bloggers at the Sweet Flag!

Wow! Do I have a group of TWENTY authors of gay fiction for you! The variety of genres is incredible ranging from contemporary to historical to paranormal. The writers' productivity cover new authors and multi-published ones. The publishers include the top echelon in ebook presses and, I'm pleased to say, all of the publishers with whom I have work, are represented.
As the dates are set they will be announced on the left hand column of the blog.
Guests posts will begin in September and should cover each week until the end of the year.
We'll be starting a special NEW M/M AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT for those authors who have just published their first gay fiction. We're hoping that you'll give these folks a chance to woo you so that you'll put them on the top of your TBR pile!
The number of guests has jumped to
Over Twenty! AND we have two special themed weeks scheduled!
The September list will be going up this weekend.

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