Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Review to Treasure for Bend in the Road

Reader reviews are like precious gems to be treasured. When the reader is also a fellow author, the review is doubly treasured. Author, Z. A. Maxfield's response to Bend in the Road was sent to me through several e-mails and she's graciously given her permission to share it. Thank you, LL, for your very kind words.

I'm reading Bend in the Road and I'm only on page 35 and I LOVE these guys! I'm right where Aryeh and Dani meet and they're uncomfortable...historicals scare me like crazy but you handle it beautifully. So lyrical and lovely.

(after finishing the first story she sent this note) Oh, my what a beautiful story Aryeh and Dani have. I just loved how sweet they were. The conflict was real and scary and it was the sweetness between them that just made everything seem so right. So few m/m writers will write a character that wants to be feminine or dress in women's clothes and yet it's so perfect, how he longs for the soft things, the feminine pretty things so he can feel beautiful with his lover. Dani really touched me and made me feel all maternal. I enjoyed it very much and now I get to embark on Yuval's story.

(after finishing the book she wrote) I wanted you to know that I finished Bend in the Road. I think Yuval's story is my favorite, because I like the musical aspect of it so much! But maybe Dani was my favorite character. Wow, what a lovely set of stories; I just didn't want it to end. I LOVED these people and would very much like to follow them to America, maybe a sequel is in the offing??? *has hopeful puppy eyes*
I think people who like to read a well researched historical will love this book. Intelligent, thoughtful people will come away from the book feeling uplifted and delighted... and maybe a little educated. It's always been my desire (and I can tell it's yours as well) to put out quality work and let the chips fall where they may.
The more books like yours, the more intelligent and well plotted and the more characters are defined and real in romantic m/m, the more legitimate and delightful the books will be. I maintain romance genre books can be great books and still be erotic and romantic as hell, and romance genre readers who say they will only read het will flock like seagulls over the picnic tables at MacDonald's to read them whatever sexual identity the main character couple is. Brava, Jeanne!
Thanks so much for a great read.
Z.A. Maxfield

And thank you again for falling in love with my guys!


Z.A. Maxfield said...

I never forget that I'm a reader first, do I?? I love a great story, and I really enjoyed yours. Thanks again!

Jeanne said...

And thank you again. Your words really are treasured.

Mykola Dementiuk said...

I'm a fan of Issac Bashevis Singer will definitely have to look this up next time I'm on Amazon

Jeanne said...

Thanks, Mick. If you do give it a read, let me know how you like it.