Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guest Blogger ~ Stormy Glenn

My guest today is Stormy Glenn. The reason? Well, heck, cowboys, werewolves and M/M??
Do you need to ask? But in case you do, here are Stormy's reasons

Hmmm…Werewolves, Cowboys, and M/M?
Okay, let’s talk about werewolves. I just love the general idea of werewolves and seem to be somewhat obsessed with writing about them right now. First off, they have "mates" that they know on sight, smell, or whatever. Just kind of cuts down on the crap. There’s no blind dates, etc. You just know. The great part of that is you can usually jump right in to the good stuff without having to go through the whole "gee, do I like you" stuff…unless you’re human and have just been mated by a werewolf. That could cause some problems…at least we can hope.

There is also the problem of finding a mate but that usually works it out somehow, for at least one of the characters in the book, sometimes more. And, depending on how I write the story, they are mated for life. I think that is extra cool. The second part of my love for werewolves is the dominant alpha male. Hot! Hot! Hot! There is just nothing like an alpha male. They’re dominant, possessive, and sexy. What more could you want? Besides, I usually try to have my alpha males "mated" to someone that makes their life very interesting. In Full Moon Mating, the werewolf in this story falls in love with a guy that doesn't speak but has some unusual abilities that make his life very interesting.

I’m presently working on the third installment of the Tri Omega Mates series right now, called Hidden Desires. Caleb is the alpha of Hunter Pack. He finds himself mated to Micah, who could really care less that he is the alpha. Micah is human. He’s never even heard about werewolves until he’s mated to one. When he tells Caleb they need to go talk, Caleb reminds Micah that he is the alpha of his pack. Micah’s response? "I’m happy for you, now let’s go talk." Caleb’s status means nothing to him. For Caleb, having been the alpha of his pack for so long, Micah’s attitude is very unusual to him and he is totally unprepared with how to deal with it, or Micah. Tends to create some interesting situations.

Werewolves, cowboys, and M/M together?
I like writing about the story behind men falling in love, especially when the men in question are werewolves. If they’re cowboys, that’s even hotter! Having fallen in love with men in cowboy boots as a teenager, I believe that there is nothing sexier than a man in cowboy boots…two or three men in cowboy boots is even better. Then, if you add the alpha male aspect? Is there anything better? I’ve always associated sexy men with cowboy boots…a man could be dressed in a gunny sack and still be sexy as long as he is wearing cowboy boots. Hence, the cowboys…I REALLy like cowboys.

As for the M/M aspect…I never started out to write M/M novels. It just happened that way. Now, I find that I read as much M/M as I write. I love the dynamics behind two men falling in love…three is even better. In my experience, men tend to be rather possessive, especially if they are alpha males. It doesn’t matter whether they are gay or straight. It just is. If you add a third person to the relationship, it makes for some very interesting, and often humours situations. I think I tend to write stories where there is at least one alpha male type, if not two, and then someone that would be considered not so dominant. However, I find that the ones that are considered more submissive are actually the ones that hold the relationship together. However, my more "submissive" characters tend to be little spitfires too. The combination is great!

My Books
I spend a lot of time writing…sometimes I think too much, but I love it, every aspect of it. I love the ability to create entire worlds and cultures. I can do pretty much anything, write pretty much anything. Take "The Katzman’s Mate" for example. This is an entire planetary system…new worlds, new cultures, new life forms. There’s even a guy with blue skin. The sky, or planetary system in this case, is the limit. I never really know what I am going to write until I write it. I also don't write a book to fit a particluar genre. I write the book, then decide where it fits. I just recently finished a series about a group of special ops soldiers that have special "abilities" who each find love, either together or with others. There are sveral differnt genres here...M/F/M, M/M, M/F, and M/M/M. I have three more books planned for this series so who knows where its going to go. Like I said, I never know what I'm going to write until I write it, sometimes not even paragraph to paragraph. I let the characters guide me.

I have another series that I researched and created for a year before I started writing. The "Warriors of Akasha" is still a WIP. I spent so much time on this series because of the detail involved with creating this entire culture, from the Blood Rhyte Ceremony to the tattoo’s that each warrior receive when he/she is mated. I even have an entire dictionary that I created for reference when writing the stories. I hope to have this series released in a few months. I want to get at least two of the books done before then, then I’ll finish the other three that I have planned…and maybe more.

Tri Omega Mates is my first series. A Tri Omega is a special type of omega that needs two mates to keep him grounded and safe. Without two mates, he will die. As such, all of the books in this series are M/M/M menage.

1. Secret Desires – released October 20th from Siren Publishing
2. Forbidden Desires – Due December 29th from Siren Publishing
3. Hidden Desires – Due February from Siren Publishing
4. #4 unnamed as of yet – release date sometime in 2009.

Wolf Creek Pack is my next series. This series totally unconnected with the Tri Omega Mates series. They are not even the same type of werewolf…different mating rituals, packs, cultures, physical forms. The first book in this series is Full Moon Mating. It is due for release in June 2009. I presently have four sequels in progress.

My Lupine Lover is a stand-alone novel (due for release May 2009 by Siren Publishing) but it is connected to the Tri Omega Mates series. It was not added under that series name simply because it is not a M/M/M menage. Only a M/M story…sorry. However, if you enjoy the Tri Omega Mates series, I would suggest this book also.

I never meant for either of these series to actually be a series. I actually wrote the first books to each, Secret Desires and Full Moon Mating, with no intention of them being a series. However, after I wrote them, their characters were just so alive, and I loved the werewolf idea so much, that I just continued. Besides, the minor characters in each book kept bugging me for their own books, so…

To go totally off on a different tangent is my M/M futuristic book, The Katzman’s Mate, due for release in March 2009 from Siren Publishing. No werewolves, no cowboys, but I kept the dominant, possessive, sexy male. Chellak Rai is just a cat… or Katzman. I wanted to write about an alpha male that didn't look totally human... he has a light coating of fur, pointed ears, a face that is not altogther human looking, a great scense of smell and hearing...and sexy as can be. He's also the displaced heir to an entire world and he just found his mate.

I have several more books due for release or WIP’s. I think I’m working on like, seventeen books right now. I don’t believe in writer’s block. I f I get stuck, I just move on to another story until I can go back. To find out more about me and my books, release dates, book trailers, etc, please visit me. There are several places to find me…
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Jeanne said...

All I can say is ride em cowboy!!!

Stormy Glenn said...

Thank you so much for having me today. This has been a blast!


Jeanne said...

It may be a quiet day since it's the day before Thanksgiving, but thank you Stormy.
Love your were cowboys!

Stormy Glenn said...

Quiet day? I wish. I just got done baking 2 pumpkin pies, 1 lemon merangue pie, 1 chocolate silk pie, and one banana cream pie. I still have the turkey, ham, and fudge to go...I'm exhausted...LOL