Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guest Blogger ~ Jason Edding, a new star!

JB: I'd like to thank ManLoveRomance Press debut author Jason Edding for joining me at The Sweet Flag today. Jason is the author of Dark Robe Heart: Dark Robe Society 1 part of the two author anthology, Space Escapes with Angela Fiddler. So, Jason, first, let's get the nittygritty out of the way, tell us a little about yourself.

JE: Thank you Jeanne for having me today. I was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My family is fairly large. I have nine brothers and sisters, and while we still lived on the Cape, we had a virtual farm of animals living with us. Cats, dogs, a skunk, rabbits, a snake, a turtle and I'm not sure, but possibly one or two other wild animals. I was too young to remember all of these critters, because when I was four we moved to Maine. I started reading when I was pretty young and we moved around a lot, so books became very important to me.

JB: Can you tell us about the premise of your story? Since the title says Dark Robe Heart: Dark Robe Society 1 I'd suspect we'll be seeing another story in the series. Will this be a stand alone or do you envision doing it as another novella with one of MLR Press's wonderful cadre of authors?
JE: Jack Harrow is a clone who has escaped to find his own life. At first he thinks all he wants is to get away from it, but he realizes he wants to destroy the Dark Robe Society and end their total domination of the world. They are the world leaders. They control the military, and in fact there is nothing they don't control. He meets Edge Fland who has been sent to kill him and return with something Jack has that the Dark Robes want.
Yes, Dark Robe Heart is book one. When this story came to me, I envisioned a huge world and I keep telling a friend of mine, 'this story could go on forever.' I am currently working on the sequel. The title is Dark Robe Edges and will have not only Jack and Edge returning, but two new heroes: Alton Tees and Toren Mir. This story will tell how they go against the Dark Robes and their leader, the Hierarch Ernst Venderhem... As of yet whether it will be a novella or stand alone is up in the air. LOL

JB: Do you think you might incorporate your love of cats in your stories? I know this might sound a bit weird, but when we got our little kitties earlier this year, I wound up putting a cat in a sequel I was working on.
JE: I have another story on the back burner involving vampires and a young book collector, who just so happens to have a cat who has the same name as my kitty, so yes, I have every intention of having lots of cats in my stories. I have to plug them now and then. LOL

JB: Did you find your love of astronomy made it easier to write a story that takes place in space?

JE: I found that my love of astronomy spurred me on to write sci-fi. I have countless astronomy books and I'm always searching for more information. The universe is so vast and we'll never know it all. I've found the Hubble images of the universe to be thought provoking. And every time astronomers find a new planet out there, it's exciting! So, to answer your question, yes, it certainly helped me write.

JB: An author can choose the genres in which they write. What led you to write not only a sci/fi story, but one with gay characters?
JE: Hmm, writing sci-fi and gay romance. Well, I've always found it fun and interesting to write gay erotica. To write a love story between two men is something I've always wanted to do. To have them in a sci-fi, space, futuristic environment at the same time is just icing on the cake. Besides, it's really so much fun to create the passion.

JB: What's on the horizon for you? Will you be doing any stories not in the Dark Robe world?
JE: On my horizons. Well, I have the vampire novella/novel that I'm working on from time to time, and I've got an idea for a totally new sci-fi story that may or may not take place on the planet Saturn. I've always wanted to write a fantasy novel, but no plans for one yet. Those won't be in the Dark Robe world. However, in my mind, the Dark Robe world may be here for a long, long time.

JB: Now for something totally frivolous: What are your favorite scifi shows or films and if you could, what two heroes do you think would make a hot couple?
JE: Favorite tv shows? Hmm, I love Battlestar Galactica. I mean, I froth over it. The new version. Omg, what a fantastic show! Also I watch M*A*S*H five days a week. My mom and I would watch it together, and she has passed away. It's one of my ways of remembering her and her laughter. Two heroes that would make a hot couple... oh boy. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. LOL That's my dream couple. I'd love to know what readers think.
Thank you Jeanne, this has been a great time for me.

JB: You're quite welcome. I always love having guys visit The Sweet Flag!
Jack shrugged. "When one show stops, another begins soon after."
"Shit, I'm living in here." Edge guzzled his liquor, until only half still remained.
"I found a contact with the information we need," Jack told him, fingering his bottle.
Edge leaned close. "Yeah? Where?" He looked around the dim joint.
"The owner. Don't worry about that part, the less you know for now, the better," Jack replied quickly.
Edge smiled at Jack and shrugged. "Too many secrets spoil the fun, Jack."
Jack placed his hand on Edge's. "I'm glad you liked the show, because they've already picked the next two guys to fuck."
Edge clanked his bottle against Jack's. "Good, I'm not even close to being satisfied. That young guy had a hot cock and a sweet ass; I'm surprised he's down here." He threw his head back and stretched to the ceiling. "Hot ass...wonder if I could get him out of here and to our bed."
Jack nodded slowly. "That young guy has probably been bought and sold more times than you've pissed on the ground," Jack told him. Edge had told him he liked to be one with nature, back on Earth. Jack had wished he had been there to see it, but hearing it was the next best thing.
"Good, there'll be a new show soon." Then he added, "Part of the deal I made was that the next two men to go into that cubicle to fuck will be you and me." Jack grinned, but he was frowning behind the mask.
"What?" Edge's mouth dropped open and he let his bottle drop, spilling half of its contents across the table and his lap.

Copyright 2008 Jason Edding


Jeanne said...

A hot couple for me would be Jack Harkness and Captain Archer from ST:Enterprise. I've always had the hots for Scott Bakula and just thinking of him and Jack...

Ken said...

Boy how things have changed since Dolly the sheep came along. Of course, we wouldn't know if the government was cloning people now as we speak, would be? Truth is stranger than fiction!

Jeanne... Scott Bakula? Come on... MacGuyver was much more handsome... LOL

Hmm. Two sci-fi characters I'd like to see together. That's rough since I never watched much of the genre in my younger years (there I go, trying to sound old again...). I'll have to go out on a limb with this one. Let's say Agent Fox Mulder from X Files and John Smith from The Dead Zone.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Jason, love your imagination. Aren't the photos from the Hubble the best. I haven't seen all of them, but I'm in love with every picture I see. It's just too cruel that they haven't fixed it, and don't seem inclined to.
Hey, you'll have to make a clone of Han Solo -- he's mine!

Josh Lanyon said...

Hey there Jason! Just popping in to say howdy.

Jeanne said...

I must take Ken to the movies! LOL
I guess I like Scott Bakula because, are you ready for this? - he's done Broadway! Years abd years ago he was in some dud of a show called, I think, "Romance! Romance!" And any guy who can take on Elvis in Quantum Leap, has my vote!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ken, well, we're not sure they're not up to something... lol


Anonymous said...

Thank you Savanna. I love the images as well and have a few hundred saved. I check it out from time to time. Don't worry, no plans to clone Han, but just imagine if there were two of him... lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming Josh!

Anonymous said...

I think this was one of the biggest highlights of my journey so far. Thank you Jeanne for the opportunity. I would love to do it again. :)

Jeanne said...

My pleasure, Jason.
Looking foward to your next story. I love me some m/m in space! :~D

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jeanne. I'm excited for the next one also. We even have a projected release date. Omg! It's so much fun to write this story and build on not only Jack and Edge, but my two newest heroes. Tees and Toren are dear to me now as well. lol